Hi, I'm Depression Deity! I'm currently away from the website right now, but if you take three lefts and enter the elevator on your right, you can take it down to my office in the basement of dev hell.

Whenever I'm finally unshackled from the slithering tendrils escaping the void that resides in passion's throne, I enjoy hyperfixating on a good book and deluding myself into believing I can raise an indoor jungle. Sometimes I scream at the algae overgrowth that was supposed to be a planted aquarium. I also have a cat that eats all my plants and would probably eat the algae if she wasn't scared of water.

Sometimes I feed Digital Dopamine. It's apparently abusive to neglect your pets.

Since you went out of your way to find me, I'll bet you want to learn more about me. Real talk, I think your time is better spent working on yourself. Let's be honest: we're not that different from each other. We're both wandering flesh skeletons brought into this world without our consent and forced to navigate through this labyrinth with no promises to believe in other than the end. And no matter how many good deeds we perform, what gods we worship, what sacrifices we make, we will close our eyes for the very last time. We are not dreams nor dark obsessions: we are temporary.

Let that set you free.

Build your own truth. Burn your own bridges by telling your own lies. The fire will burn away everything you thought was valuable and you will cry as the flames cauterize your open wounds, but in the end, it's rarely the fire that kills us. We die of suffocation.

So take a deep breath and breathe: allow your inhale to selfishly trade essentials for happiness and allow your exhale to spread into spaces that others told you to avoid. Other people don't write your story: you do.

Pen your existence to break boundaries the way a sword never could.

Depression Deity