How I do I get funding to make my game?

Well... you don't. I'm serious. Eager indie devs that are passionate about their craft and believe they'll break into the scene with flying colours fund their own products and make their own games because they have to. We'd all run (not walk) to the local "Great Idea Investment Fund" if such a thing existed.

I know it's your baby. I know your idea is the best thing in the entire universe and "why hasn't someone else made this yet, I'm a fucking genius!". Trust me, we've all been there.

I will add in that there are grants that exist to aid game developers, but those are very dependent on your vision, the country you live in, and the amount of work you're willing to put into research and applications. You'll need to search for those opportunities yourself.

Despite what the Internet may tell you, the world is not filled with excessively gullible rich folk that are desperate to throw their unearned family money into literally any idea that sounds even remotely cool. Instead, the world is actually filled with reasonably frugal individuals who struggle through 40+ long hours a week imprisoned in a holding cell filled with various electronic devices that do nothing but waste their precious time. I'll bet that sounds familiar.

For a permanently exhausted member of society with poor work-life balance (read: ordinary people in this capitalist hellhole) to decide they're willing to spend their hard-earned cash on your game, you'll need to do your own legwork.

On the bright side, you can start growing your business for free.